Tesla Tips

Here are all the useful tips I’ve come across so far. As the list grows, remember that you can use the search feature at the top right of the page, to find what you are looking for in our Tesla Tips & Tricks page.

Tesla sentry mode activated on a Tesla model 3
Sentry mode setup guide

To get started using sentry mode, you need a USB plug and (preferably) an SSD harddrive. One minute of video is around 30 MB, so it needs to be a minimum of 32GB. Don’t buy cheap china models, they might not be able to save data fast enough. Kingston Traveller or Samsung SSD T5 are popular amongst Tesla owners.

Plug it in, format the drive via the menu and you are good to go. You can format the drive manually as FAT32 and label a folder on the drive TeslaCam and you are good to go!

Be aware that sentry mode consumes around 1 mile per hour of operating.

Tesla cybertruck unloading a Tesla EV ATV
Electric Vehicle Database

There is a very handy database our there if you want to compare your Tesla and see how it stacks up against the competition (it does very well!) and it’s called ev-database.org.

Full screen streaming activated on a Tesla Model 3
Full screen Streaming Tesla Model 3

It’s quite simple to stream and view websites in full screen on your Tesla Model 3.

  1. Go to www.teslatheater.com
  2. Press ‘enable fullscreen’ at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Press ‘go to website’ and you are good to go.

Pro-tip: Using that browser you can go to other streaming services to watch them in fullscreen.

Tesla Cam Video File Player Demo showing how to watch all videos from the Tesla Sentry Mode at the same time
Watch all Sentry Mode Videos at the same time

A very nice tool to watch all your Tesla sentry mode videos at the same time so you don’t need to open each file individually. Go here to get the Video Webapp Player.

Screenshot from Teslascope.com
Monitor all your Tesla Data Online

A very nice tool to watch all your Tesla data, chage sessions, drives, software versions. Go here to get started.