Tesla Model 3

How does ordering a Tesla work?

Let us try and see if I can walk you through the process that I have been through until now. Because Tesla is not like your regular car dealer, where you go to try out cars and get to take one home the same day.

Tesla has showrooms, where you might be able to see a car – but not always, because they might not be in. So you need to book a test drive with them.

A few days before the test drive they will call you to confirm your attendance. You usually get 45 mins from arrival until you have to hand in the car key (or in the case of Tesla the Model 3, your car card) – it might sound like a lot of time for a test drive, at least for me it did – but it’s not. Fortunately, you can book more than one test drive 😉

For me one was enough, I was sold. or at least, hooked, because I still had to justify spending more than I was actually prepared – see in my country, a Tesla Model 3 will cost you around $60.000 including VAT and Tax.

Even at that price, it’s worth it, because of 3 things:

  1. It’s a Tesla and I’m already a shareholder.
  2. The gasoline savings alone for me, is around $250 a month
  3. Much less maintenance than a regular ICE car.

If you want an example of the numbers for a current owner, check out this YouTube video.

How much does it really cost to own a Tesla Model 3

I did so much number crunching it was crazy, about an hour a day for two weeks. Sure I could get by with a regular car and the math would say that I could save around $200 a month doing so, but I felt like I needed to be part of it. I felt like I need to support the goal of a cleaner world. And the joy of driving a Tesla Model 3 would not leave me.

So I contacted someone I knew that owned a Tesla, he was in the US and owned a Model S. But he had a referral code and I wanted those 1500 Km. of free super charging and wanted him to get 1000 miles of free super charging as well.

Placing the order for a new Tesla

I placed the order, using his referral link… of course! But I am getting ahead of myself. Because first you need to configure your Tesla, at this point, you will have played with the configuration already – if you haven’t at this time, go do it!

Once you have your car configured, ordering it is fairly straightforward. Choose how you want to pay and go for it. For most people, you pay a small reservation advance of around $200. If you cancel before you get the card, you do not get the money back – the amount is subtracted from your final payment, so it’s not a fee. It’s just to make sure tons of people don’t place orders, they don’t intend to fulfill.

The tesla hedgehog giving the OK sign after you order your tesla

After this, you need to add some information about yourself, how you plan to pay, what your insurance company is and where you want to pick it up.

Delivery times after order

After this the waiting starts. For me it, I got a call from Tesla 9 days after the order, they wanted to confirm everything. I asked them when delivery would be and they said late November early December. I placed the order on September 30.

Why so late? Well, first off all. In Denmark most cars get taxed at around 160% + 25% VAT of the total amount. Yea it’s crazy.

But Electric Vehicles are exempt if they are below a certain price range…. at least until January 2021. So a lot of people are ordering Teslas these days, since they are classified as a “luxury EV” and the price will go up.

Also it is my understanding that the first six weeks of every quarter, the Tesla Freemont Factory produces the European models, then swap over to produce the American models. So if you are in Europe and happen to order a combination of a car, that isn’t already en-route, you need to wait at least the time it takes the cars to get loaded on a big boat, sailed across the Atlantic, offloaded in Europe and then driven via train or lorry to your country. That could be anything from 6-12 weeks.

So I shall lean back, try to be patient and keep researching my new car. Never have I been this excited to get a car… and I’m not even a person usually interested in cars…