Tesla Model 3

How to tell if you have the 2021 Tesla Model 3

Earlier this month, rumors were plenty about an update to the model 3 that included very nice new features. Some are taken from the model Y others are “just” part of the constant tweaking an innovation that Tesla is known for.

Tesla Model 3 2021 Changes

Not all of these are confirmed, but so far, this is the list of changes people have observed.

  1. No more piano-black center console. It’s now changed to a matte finish that gives it a more high end look. It also looks like the center isn’t flipping out anymore and the sides are covered in leather finish.
  2. Updated steering wheel.
  3. Updated headlights
  4. Updated tail lights.
  5. The chrome frames are gone. I guess Elon saw all the chrome delete work being done and decided to get rid of it, but more likely, it’s for environmental and cost issues.
  6. Double layered glass on the windows and windshield, should reduce noise in the cabin.
  7. The frunk has decreased in size to make room for the heat pump, that was previously only available for the Tesla Model Y.
  8. USB ports in the glove compartment for safe storage of the sentry cam recordings.
  9. New standard aluminium rims, that are supposedly more aerodynamic.
  10. Power lift trunk. Yay!

So how do you actually see if your Tesla Model 3 is the 2021 model or not?

It’s quite simple, the VIN number has a letter as the 10th digit and if it’s an L, it’s the 2020 model. If the letter is M, it’s the 2021 model.