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Can a 65″ TV fit in the Tesla Model 3 Trunk?

So the other day my wife asked me: “What size TV can you fit in that trunk of the car you ordered?”. It’s not like we need a new TV, but I do recall that when we bough the last TV a 65″ LG tv, it could just fit in the Volvo V60 with the seats down.

So I googled it, turns out I was not the only person that asked this question. Turns out that it can!

Tesla Model 3 Trunk Dimensions

Width : 37 inches – 94 cm
Length : 42 inches – 107 cm
Height : 18 inches – 46 cm

Those are with the seats down and you need that to fit that 65″ TV there. Turns out that you can!

Courtesy of user Jedi2155 of TeslaMotorsClub

There you have, a nice snug fit as described. Doesn’t damage anything and now there is no reason not to go get that new 65″ TV for Black Friday!

Can a 65″ TV fit in a Tesla Model S?

Sure can, look at this! It’s almost like they were made for it.

Image courtesy of user kaidou of TeslaMotorsClub

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